• " typeof= The Narrow Whorl Snail (Vertigo angustior) and the Bulbous Whorl Snail (Vertigo moulinsiana) are two miniscule snail species, whose shells are only about 2 to 3 mm long. The first snail species populates the litter layer of wetlands (e.g. near Karlsruhe-Daxlanden), the second species rather prefers the litter layer of large-sedge stands, e.g. southwest of Ötigheim, west of Wintersdorf or south of Steinmauern. " typeof=








  • " typeof= The Ramshorn Snail (Anisus vorticulus) has a diameter of 5 mm. Belonging to the water-lung-snails it is are able to absorb oxygen through its skin, but also sometimes come to the water-surface for breathing while hanging with its foot on the water table. You can find the ramshorn snail in flat siltation areas of oxbows without connection to the Rhine or in former quarry ponds. Read more