Near-natural redesign of the Altmurg river near Steinmauern

More than 200 years ago the Altmurg was separated from its natural water supply when the Murg was straightened. It only gets water from small ditches and tributaries. Additionally the Altmurg near Steinmauern has a straightened course and is overgrown.

In order to improve the Altmurg for species of floodplains its structures will be diversified again. Using a digger the water bed will be remodelled to reach a meandering course. At the same time the banks was flattened and small ponds were created.

Aims of the measure

Due to the more natural course a diverse river can develop: the mixture of slowly and rapidly flowing section creates important habitats for fish and larvae of dragonflies; shallow banks with wet and moist soil are the habitat of rare snails and soil organisms. In the newly created pond amphibians can spawn without disturbance, and the tall herb fringes will be used by butterflies.

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