Project on flood protection and ecology Rastatt

The river Murg has been straightened, dykes on both banks protect the residents from floods. Due to these measures the water flows off very quickly, in turn increasing the risk of floods, since the water must go somewhere. The nature outside the dykes had been flooded regularly in former times but has become permanently dry and changes continuously. These facts have caused the successive loss of species and habitats which are typical for alluvial forests.

The relocation of the flood dykes meanwhile has become a tried and tested possibility to reduce the risk of floods and at the same time re-establish floodplains. North of Rastatt, in the area “Brufert”, the dykes will be relocated on the left side of the river Mury by up to 500 m, and on the right side of the river by about 100 m. With these measures about 50 ha can be won which are now available for the retention of floods.

Additionally the river Murg will be modified, creating a branched water course with shallow riverbanks, and a separated oxbow lake will be reconnected again.

Aim of the measure

The measure will improve flood prevention for the city of Rastatt. At the same time near-natural vegetation can spread out in the water bodies and along the riversides, and alluvial forests can newly develop. In the small water bodies in the floodplain the yellow-bellied toad and the great crested newt will benefit from the re-wetting. The re-establishment of the aquatic dynamics at the Murg will create new habitats for juvenile fish of spined loach, bullhead, lamprey and allis shad.

Public relations

  • Information from water department concerning this project with maps
  • Press release from city of Rastatt concerning clearing for this project of 2012-02-03
    Presentation with actual pictures from 2012-11-05