LIFE-projects for the protection of floodplains

Nearly everywhere in Germany rivers and streams have been straightened and shored, strongly cutting back the functions of their floodplains. There are hardly any near-natural river valleys left. This has also been documented in the report on conditions of the floodplains in Germany, which has investigated the conditions of floodplans along about 10.000 river kilometres.

In order to improve the ecological functions of the floodplains some LIFE-projects have already been conducted along river valleys. Due to the success of the project “Lively floodplains near Karlsruhe” its continuation has now been started in the adjacent LIFE-project “Floodplains of the river Rhine near Rastatt”.

A Europe-wide overview of LIFE-projects along rivers and streams has been issued by the European Commission.

A close exchange of knowledge has been established with the following LIFE-projects:

Other projects in floodplains: