Rheinauen bei Rastatt

The “Floodplains of the river Rhine near Rastatt are one of the most valuable natural assets in the administrative district of Karlsruhe. In this area a large LIFE+ nature conservation project has been carried out between 2011 and 2015:  Investing about 15 Mio Euro the floodplains of the rivers Rhein and Murg were improved, becoming again more natural, valuable and interesting for both man and nature

The "Rheinauen" offer interesting and unusual insights into nature. Come with us and discover the great wealth of the floodplains in the project area. 

Top news! Here You can download the Layman Report of the LIFE+-Project "Rheinauen bei Rastatt" in english.

Where? Explore the situation of the project area on the adjacent map. There you find specific tips for excursions and you can get acquainted with the protection areas, with the occurrence of endangered species and you can get to know the sites which are subject of measures to maintain and promote nature. 

Who and with whom? The project “Rheinauen bei Rastatt” has been sponsored by the European Union within their LIFE+ programme until the year 2015 with a EU contribution of 4.7 Mio EUR. It was one of the largest LIFE+ projects in Germany. The Federal State of Baden-Württemberg provided financial means from the fields of water management and nature conservation, and further support is given by municipalities, foundations and other organisations. The project management was located in the department “Nature Conservation and Landscape Management” of the Regional Commission Karlsruhe. Here you find our supporters and project partners.

Why? The natural dynamics of the river Rhine have created an unique natural landscape. Straightening measures of the Rhine and the construction of flood dykes have however destroyed many of the valuable natural structures in this landscape. the LIFE+ project intended to re-establish dynamics and natural structures in the river valleys of the Rhine and of the Murg river. At the same these measures improved habitat conditions for animals and plants characteristic for the Rhine valley. Particular priority was given to the habitats and species of community interest according to the guidelines of NATURA 2000

What? In the years 2012 to 2015 ten different individual projects haven been carried out, ranging from the flattening of the river shores of the Rhine to the modification of the Riedkanal. You can find detailed information on information boards in the area and here in the internet.